Sunday, June 20, 2010

Great Blue Herons

A Great Blue Heron in a landing pattern, Phoenix, AZ; 12/26/09.

Keeping with the theme of water birds and the Great Blue Herons, I took the photos below while spending time in Phoenix, AZ last December, 2009.  I was following the flight pattern of this particular Great Blue when he attempted to land in a tree. I took this photo (Above) of him in his landing pattern. He actually struggled with the landing, broke a branch off the tree and then kept flying. He looks elegant, but in reality it was a clumsy unsuccessful landing attempt. (Below) is the "Heron Tree."  I counted no less than a dozen (10 in this pic) Great Blue Herons perched in this tree with a couple of nests.

The "Heron Tree", Phoenix, AZ; 12/26/09.

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Chesney said...

The top image in flight is an incredible capture - I love the way you caught his wings! I can't believe you found a tree full of herons, how cool...I have never seen anything like this!