Saturday, June 5, 2010

Eastern "Rufous-sided" Towhee

Very slow husky single notes caught my attention, and I spotted the Towhee - my National Audibon Field Guide book calls it a Rufous-sided Towhee, but my new "Sibley Field Guide to Birds" (compliments from my girlfriend for my birthday) calls it an Eastern Towhee.  The top photo below is a female (5/31/09) at Rock Cut State Park, and the two photos at the bottom are a male (5/15/10) at Blackhawk Springs Forest Preserve.
A female Eastern Towheein Rock Cut State Park, IL; 5/31/09.
An Eastern Towhee, Blackhawk Springs Forest Preserve; 5/15/10.
An Eastern Towhee, Blackhawk Springs Forest Preserve; 5/15/10.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jon!! It's nice to meet you. I'm Mary Lou...Val's blogging friend. I've heard a lot about your photography and am thrilled to finally see your work. Your birds are gorgeous and these images show not only your talent but your patience as well. Keep up the great work!!

Chesney said...

Jon, what a fabulous blog...I love birds and you caught some I have never seen before...this is so fun! Love all of the clarity in your pics, looking forward to seeing MORE!

By the way, Hi, I'm Tammy, another one of Val's blogging friends (and also the one she met in Nebraska)...maybe next time you guys go through Nebraska you'll have time to stop for a few pics! :)