Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wrentit - Western Birds

(Burst 1)Wrentit, Crystal Cove State Park, CA; 6/14/2011.
Wrentits (Above) are fairly common along the Pacific coast - if you can spot one. They hang around very dense brushy habitats, which is exactly the area I found this little guy high up on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It was flitting aound non-stop in the bush, and I was lucky to capture it with a couple of bursts in the split second it stood still in a relatively open area. It also took me a while to identify it as it was with a small group of California Gnatcatchers and Bushtits. Finally after looking at my photos and comparing the image to a very similar photo in The Stokes Field Guide to the Birds of North America I had my match and the Wrentit became  #298 on my Life List.
(Burst #2) A Wrentit looking at me before it took off and hid on me, Crystal Cove State Park; 6/14/2011.
The Wrentit's name comes from its combination of characteristics of wrens and titmice. It tends to raise its tail like wrens and has small bills like titmice. They can only be found along the Pacific Coast from Oregon down to the northern regions of the Baja.
Another Wrentit in Crystal Cove State Park, CA; 6/17/2011.
A couple of days later I was fortunate enough to capture another Wrentit (Above) in Crystal Cove State Park. This one showed itself for a moment and was gone. Most Wrentits are brownish overall, lighter underneath with a short bill and a pale iris.  The Wrentits in southern California are grayer above which makes their breast appear reddish brown with light gray streaks.

Sunset of the Day
A sunset in the Chatahoochie Mts., Goergia; 6/15/2010.

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~Val said...

This little guy has an evil eye. He's kind of scary to me.

I remember that big awesome cloud full of rays! Great shot!!