Monday, July 18, 2011

Brown Pelicans; Western Birds

A scoop of Brown Pelicans cruising the California Coastline, Newport Beach, CA, 6/12/2011.
The first time I saw Brown Pelicans was last winter while I was in Mexico. I always enjoy watching a pod of these guys flying in formation (Above), synchronizing their wing flaps with eachother. I should not have been surprised to see them in Southern California during June, after all, the area where Newport Beach is located is called "Pelican Point." Everyday, squadrons of these pelicans would be gliding over the water searching out the best spot for their next meal.

A top view of a Brown Pelican, Santa Cruz Island, Channell Islands National Park, CA; 6/18/2011.
While we were on Santa Cruz Island in the Channell Island National Park, we were high up on the cliffs and were able to watch these magnificent birds flying below us. It is always cool to watch birds from a birds eye point of view.

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Sunset of the Day

Another Pacific Ocean Sunset, Waikiki Beach, Oahu, Hawaii; 7/17/2008

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~Val said...

Until recently, all I knew about were brown pelicans. I think I like the white ones better.