Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bullock's Oriole - Western Birds

A Bullocks Oriole in Crystal Cove State Park, CA; 6/14/2011.
The Bullock's Oriole became #297 on my Life List, when I heard it singing in the tree tops in Crystal Cove State Park. It never really came down in a better position than (Above). Bullock's Orioles are purely found in the West - from Montana in the north to Texas in the South westward to the Pacific coast and into Mexico.

Bullock's Oriole, Crystal Cove State Park, CA; 6/14/2011.
Bullock's Orioles have a yellowish/orangish  breast, belly and head, with a black crown, nape and back, and a thin black eyeline. Its wings coverts are white. The eyeline and coverts are the main identifying marks for the Bullock's.

Sunset of the Day
A bauman Park Sunset, Cherry Valley , IL; 5/1/2010.

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~Val said...

I love bright orange orioles. So pretty!