Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lesser Goldfinch - Western Birds

The first time I saw a Lesser Goldfinch was several years ago while visiting my brother in Tucson, AZ.  They are not as brilliant as their relative the American Goldfinch, but they still have a pretty look with their yellow throat and underparts contrasted by their dark wings, back and black cap. The main difference between the Lesser and the American Goldfinches are their backs. The American Goldfinch has a yellow back while the Lesser's is grayish/olive. When the Lesser Goldfinch (Above) landed literally next to me in Crystal Cove State Park, it stayed put and allowed me to get several pics. 
Escalante, UT; 6/15/2011.
Lesser Goldfinches are found mostly in the southwest, but range from as far north as Oregon to the southern tip of Texas and into Mexico.

Sunset of the Day
I have always liked the texture quality of this sunset photo - it reminds me of a painting, Dana Point Harbor, CA; 8/13/2007.

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