Sunday, June 17, 2012

"Free Beer!" Alder Flycatcher - another Mid May Arrival to Northern Illinois.

An Alder Flycatcher, Horicon Marsh NWR, WI; 5/13/2012.
Free Beer!? Where is this "free beer?" Well, it was in the small grove of trees next to the water by the floating boardwalk on the northern boundary of the Horicon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge. Now that I gave away the spot, please do not go foraging in this south central region of Wisconsin in the hopes you'll find some of this beverage that Wisconsin is well-known for brewing. The "free beer" that I am talking about is the song that the Alder Flycatcher (Above)  calls out. It sounds like someone yelling "free beer." So when I was walking on the short trail through this stand of trees and heard all the "free beer" calls, I was happy, not because I like beer, but because, first of all, I recognized it being the Alder Flycatcher (from my bird song recordings), and then secondly, it was a Lifer for me (# 394 at the time. I finally broke 400 last weekend).
Another Alder Flycatcher, Horicon Marsh NWR, WI; 5/13/2012.
These Flycatchers were all over this grove of trees - but mostly in the top branches. It still took some patient waiting before a few of them showed themselves at a lower level so I could get some decent photos (Above).  These Alder Flycatchers might be staying here for the summer as Horicon Marsh is at its most southern edge of its summer range. More than likely, they were passing through to their more common summer residences in North Central Wisconsin and further north into Canada, stretching East into Michigan and the Northeastern States. In Canada they can be found from coast to coast.

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