Saturday, June 9, 2012

Early May Arrivals: Gray Catbirds and Wood Thrushes

One of many Gray Catbirds that arrived in Northern Illinois in the first week of May, Espenscheid Forest Preserve, IL; 5/4/2012.
Suddenly overnight Gray Catbirds (Above) descended upon the Rockford, IL,  area. It seemed that while I was hiking in the Espencheid and Blackhawk Springs Forest Preserves, I couldn't walk 50 steps without hearing another Catbird squawking and mewing in the bush.
Another Gray Catbird, Rock Cut State Park, Rockford, IL; 5/20/2012.
Gray Catbirds have been so abundant this Spring that I have had little trouble finding them in the open (Above). It seemed to me that in previous years, I have had a hard time getting photographs of these guys as they stayed hidden in the thickets. This year they have seemed to be showing themselves more frequently, unless I have either been lucky this year or just unlucky in the past.
A Wood Thrush in a rae moment of visibility, Morton Forest Preserve, IL; 5/
Another bird that I hear all the time, but very seldom can find in the open for a good photograph is the Wood Thrush. These Thrushes, in my opinion,  have one of the most beautiful songs of the Bird Kingdom. They sound like two first chair floutests playing a duet, as the Wood Thrush is able to create two pitches simultaneously. The Thrush (Above) happened to be sitting on a low branch near the ground level, and I was lucky to find him. Although he was at quite a distance away, he stayed put long enough for me to get his portrait. Usually I hear Wood Thrushes high up in the upper tree branches thoroughly hidden by thick foliage. Very seldom do I get a chance to see one. So to find this guy on the open ground was a treat for me.

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Such pretty photos of such pretty birds. :-)