Saturday, June 16, 2012

Eastern Wood Pewee - Flycatchers Part 2

So continuing yesterday's theme of Eastern Flycatchers (Kingbirds and Phoebes), the Eastern Wood Pewee (Below) is usually present in Northern Illinois by mid May.
An Eastern Wood Pewee singing its familiar two-note refrain, Morton Arboretum, Chicago, IL; 5/27/2012.
If you have ever taken a walk in the woods anywhere east of the Great Plains, there is no doubt that you have heard the two-note whistle, that almost sounds like someone who would be whistling at a pretty girl - a long uprising note, then a beat later followed by a sliding descending note. I have always hear these guys singing, but it took me a long time to finally catch up with the originator of this song - The Eastern Wood Pewee (Above). It seemed like I could never locate this little flycatcher (6 1/4" long). It was always up high in tall trees hidden by the foliage.
Another Eastern Wood Pewee, Rock Cut State Park; 5/12/2012.
The first time I was able to definitively identify this guy was when one landed on a branch just a few feet in front of me, sing its two-note song then fly off.  Subsequently I have had more luck at finding these flycatchers for better photo ops (Above).

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