Monday, June 25, 2012

Dickcissals take over Northern Illinois in June 2012

A male Dickcissal, one of many that have saturated Northern Illinois grasslands; Glacial park, McHenry County, IL; 6/10/2012.
Before this year, I have not seen or heard many Dickcissals in our area. This could be that usually in June - as soon as the school year ends, I am taking off somewhere out of state on a month long vacation. However, this year I stayed put for the first half of June and was rewarded by all the Dickcissals (Above) that have arrived in our part of the State, with their catchy song - "dick-dick-cissal-cissal."
A female Dickcissal, North Branch NCA, McHenry County, IL; 6/10/2012.
In the first week of June, I visited the Colored Sands Forest Preserve, near Shirland, IL, and all along the roadways in that rural part of Northern Illinois, I heard the familiar Dickcissals singing. There were also plenty of them in the prairie near the bird-banding station, while I was searching for Henslow's Sparrows. The same day, there were many Dickcissals present at Nygren Wetlands (Bottom photo) as well. Then a week later, I made my first birding trip to McHenry County to check out a rare sighting of a Lark Bunting at the Nippersink North Branch Natural Area (Above & Below). While I was scoping out the Lark Bunting, there were Dickcissals and Meadowlarks surrounding the area. While I was in the neighborhood, I also checked out the highly recommended birding area of Glacial Park, near Richmond. There too were many Dickcissals (Top photo).
Another Dickcissal, North Branch Natural Area, McHenry County, IL; 6/10/2012.
A singing Dickcissal, Nygren Wetlands, Rockton, IL; 6/2/2012.
Dickcissals were also present at Deer Run, and Black Hawk Springs Forest Preserves near Rockford, IL.

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These guys are really pretty. Love the colors on the top photo.