Saturday, February 5, 2011

Palm Warblers and Isla Contoy Marine Life

A Palm Warbler in its non-breeding plumage, foraging on a walking trail, Isla Contoy, Mx; 12/21/10.
Again, after stalking what I was hoping to be an exotic bird from Mexico, I ended up with a photo of a Palm Warbler (Above).  I saw many Palm Warblers at our own Blackhawk Springs Forest Preserve this past fall as they were on their southern migration from Canada and the Northeast U.S. to their winter grounds in the South east U.S. and Mexico. Perhaps I saw one of the same birds? (Below)

A Palm Warbler, Blackhawk Springs Forest Preserve, Rockford, IL; 10/3/10.
A Palm Warbler taking a bath in a stream, Blackhawk Springs Forest Preserve, Rockford, IL; 10/3/10.
I have only once seen a Palm Warbler in its breeding plumage. They are very pretty - their pale eyebrow turns yellow and they sport a reddish cap on their heads and reddish streaks on their chest and belly (much like a Yellow Warbler's reddish streaks). I have a photo from Bauman park (Rockford, IL; 5/5/10) but the lighting is poor and you wouldn't be able to see its breeding plumage; however, (Below) is a good drawing from to show their breeding plumage.
Images of Palm Warblers in their breeding plumage;

A Jellyfish floating in the muddy waters of the lagoon near the nesting site of the Magnificent Frigatebirds, Isla Contoy, Mx; 12/21/10.

From the docking pier, Val took the photos of these two fish in the clear water of the beach, Isla Contoy, Mx; 12/21/10.
Does anyone know what type they are?

A Manta Ray swimming in the beach water, Isla Contoy, Mx; 12/21/10.

Our Tour Guide (Ulysses) feeds fish to the Manta Ray, Isla Contoy, Mx; 12/21/10.

A Needlefish in the clear water off the pier, Isla Contoy, Mx; 12/21/10.

A school of Sardines  in the clear water off the pier, Isla Contoy, Mx; 12/21/10.

The Brown Pelicans were dive bombing this water continuously to feed on these Sardines, Isla Contoy, Mx; 12/21/10.

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Anonymous said...

What a cute little bird...I love that touch of yellow feathers. As nice as your warblers are, it is your sea life pictures I find, what wonderful captures!