Sunday, February 27, 2011

Painted Bunting

A Painted Bunting, Puerto Morelos, Mexico; 12/24/10.
I always thought that the Painted Bunting was one of the most colorfully striking birds in America, and I living in Northern Illinois, resigned myself of the probability that my chances of seeing one was very small because it resides in the south central states (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana) and the south Atlantic Coasts of South Carolina and Georgia. However, I never considered that I might see one in its winter range of Mexico. It also migrates to Central America, the Caribbean Islands and the southern tip of Florida.

So when I saw this beautiful bird flitting around a garden of a small homestead in the middle of the Yucatan Forest, and there is no other bird that I know of that looks like this, I knew it was a Painted Bunting, and Luis quickly confirmed it as soon as he saw it.

Its unmistakable blue head with red eye ring and red underparts, contrasting with its yellowish green back is not like any other bird in the U.S. It's great day when one sees a Painted Bunting, especially in an area when i totally didn't expect it.

A somewhat blurry photo of the beautiful Painted Bunting, Puerto Morelos, Mexico; 12/24/10.
The same Painted Bunting, Puerto Morelos, Mexico; 12/24/10.

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Maria said...

Hi! I found your blog trying to identify a common bird that is visiting my feeders. It looks like a tree sparrow... but I'm not sure...
Your painted bunting shot is beautiful.
My husband and I were just talking about the Indigo Bunting that visits for a brief moment on its way to a different destination. We've spotted one for the last few years around April... it's one of those divine appointments we've managed to keep! The color is just are those of the painted bunting!
*thank you for great info on birds!