Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sparrows of the Horicon Marsh NWR

I identified four types of sparrows at the Horicon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge: Savannah Sparrow, White-crowned Sparrow, American Tree Sparrow and Song Sparrow. Of these four only one (Savannah Sparrow Below) is hanging around in its summer range before migrating south to its winter range from the southern tip of Illinois to the Gulf Coast.

A Savannah Sparrow still hanging around Horicon Marsh, WI,  before migrating south; 10/16/10

Another Sparrow (Song Sparrow, Below) is one of the few sparrows who call Southern Wisconsin and Illinois home year round.
The Song Sparrow stays in Southern Wisconsin and Illinois year round; 10/16/10.

The White-crowned Sparrow (Below top) and American Tree Sparrow (Below, Bottom) spends its summers in the very far north of Canada and throughout Alaska. These guys call the Horicon Marsh area and Illinois their winter home.  The White-crowned is at its northern most edge of its winter range and will fly south as far as the Gulf Coast.
A White-crowned Sparrow in its northern edge of its winter range, Horicon Marsh NWR; 10/16/10.

The Horicon Marsh, Wisconsin, and northern Illinois is a typical winter home for the American Tree Sparrow; 10/16/10.

It's interesting how four different species of Sparrows overlap their ranges during their fall migration.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful captures of these different varieties of feeder is being invaded by a swarm of sparrows as I type!