Saturday, November 27, 2010

Purple Finch, Alfred Caldwell Lily Pond

A male Purple Finch showing off its colors at the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pond, Lincoln Park, Chicago; 10/30/10.
Also found in Lincoln Park, adjacent to the Zoo, is the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pond. It is a great little secluded pond that has an abundant of species of birds: In particular on our late October visit, as we walked through this small area, I saw lots of Purple Finches and white-Throated Sparrows. I have seen many House Finches at my backyard feeder, and occaissionally a female Purple Finch (Below) is among the House Finch crowd, but this is the first time I recall spotting a male Purple Finch (Above) at a close enough range for a decent photo.

Although not a clear pic, a female Purple Finch was flocking around with House Finches last fall at my backyard feeder; Rockford; 10/25/09.


troutbirder said...

What fun. Great waterfowl pictures. Definitely helped my IDing skills. :)

~Val said...

The male is all puffed up, posing for you. Tough shot to get through all those branches!