Sunday, November 14, 2010

Purple Martin

A Purple Martin hanging around their summer home in the Horicon Marsh NWR, WI; 5/29/10.

Although the Purple Martin was no longer present at the Horicon Marsh Wildlife Refuge in my October visit, it was very abundant there when I visited last May.  At the Visitors center and at the Headquarters of the State run section of the Horicon Marsh Refuge in Wisconsin, there are several Purple Martin Houses on poles that attracted an abundant of resident Purple Martins. Purple Martins are a member of the swallow family but are a bit larger at 8" long compared to 5"-6" length of other swallows. The adult male (Above) has a dark bluish - purplish back, head and belly with brownish-black wing tips and tails. They almost exclusively reside in man-made housing complexes, much like miniature apartment buildings (Below).

Purple Martins roosting in their "Apartments" at the State of Wisconsin Horicon Marsh State Wildlife Refuge; 5/29/10.

Female Purple Martins (Below) have a lighter underside appearing almost yellowish in contrast to their male counterparts.

A female Purple Martin in flight, Horicon Marsh Wildlife Refuge, Wisconsin; 5/29/10.

A close up look at the Purple Martin's deep blue feathers; Horicon Marsh Wildlife Refuge, WI; 5/29/10.


~Val said...

Great BIF shots!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful captures...I love the way the purple irrediscent shines off of that black! My grandma used to have tons of these at her feeders many years ago, but I don't see as many around here as I used to.