Monday, September 6, 2010

Yellow-eyed Junco (#4)

Another Junco that I feel fortunate to have photographed is the Yellow-eyed Junco. They have a very limited range and in the U.S. can only be found in the higher altitudes of Southeast Arizona and south into the Mexican mountain ranges. Indeed, it was last winter while we were expoloring the Mt. Lemmon Recreation Area near Tuscon, AZ, is where I saw this little guy scratching in the snow at the base of the Mt. Lemmon Ski hill (yes, that's right there is a ski hill in Southern Arizona). Like its name, this is the only Junco species that does not have dark eyes. He looks very similar to the Gray-headed Junco except for the yellow eyes, and bit more red in its wing feathers.

A Yellow-eyed Junco; Mt. Lemmon, AZ; 12-28-09.


~Val said...

I remember how puzzled you were at seeing this little guy. Glad you identified him!

Anonymous said...

Beautifully designed.