Friday, September 10, 2010

Common Mynah

The Common Mynah was imported from Asia, and is quite widespread in Pacific Islands and Australia. In the U.S. there are pockets in Southern Florida where it is rather common.

Common Mynah, Oahu, Hawaii; 6/25/08.
A couple of summers ago, Val and I had the fortunate oppurtunity to spend a couple weeks in the Hawaiian Islands.  Not surprising, the Islands are a host of many birds that are not seen (or at least not very frequently) in North America. Now that I have become more interested in bird photography, I regret not being more of a birder while I was there, and I did not capitalize on some great opportunities, but in the next couple weekends I will highlight some of the birds I did manage to capture.

One of the birds that is a common sight (especially on Oahu) in the Islands is the Common Mynah Bird (Above) which might be compared to our Starling or American Crow - some people would consider a nuiscance and a noisy beggar residing in urban areas thriving on human handouts and garbage.  However, the Mynah is quite striking in appearance with its black head, brown body and bright yellow beak and cheek, which gives it a look of having a perpetual scowl.  When in flight (Below), the Mynah's bold white markings on the wings and tail contrast brilliantly with its dark body. I wish that I had a better photo to capture its flashy feathers in flight.
The Common Mynah coming in for a landing; Oahu, Hawaii; 6/25/08.

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Anonymous said...

Another one I have never seen, guess I need to tell my husband that we need to go to Hawaii...I will blame it on YOU! :) Beautiful birds!