Saturday, September 11, 2010

White-rumped Shama

White-rumped Shama; Oahu, Hawaii; 6/27/08.
The White-rumped Shama (Above) is a beautiful songbird with a long tail that is common in the forests of the Hawaiian Islands. We heard and saw them often on the island of Oahu. They were imported from Asia and were originally a captive bird used as pets, but eventually escaped captivity and have established a healthy wild population. They are very territorial, and the size of the tail may determine the size of the territory, with larger tailed birds (Below) having larger territories. Territories include a male and female pair during the breeding season with the males defending the territory. The White-rumped Shama is a famous songbird with wide-ranging songs and notes which are loud, melodious and shrill. They are known to imitate the calls of other birds. We always enjoyed hearing them sing while hiking through the forests of Hawaii.

The large tail of this White-rumped Shama may suggest that it rules a larger territory than another Shama with a smaller tail; Oahu, Hawaii; 6/28/08.

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