Friday, July 2, 2010

Brown Thrasher

I was actually at the Atlanta Zoo with my gal, Val (she loves zoos), and even with all the captivating (no pun intended) animals at our disposal, I still seemed more interested in the uncaptured wildlife. I followed this Brown Thrasher around the zoo grounds until I could find him still long enough (at least one second) for the pic below (6/17/10). Thank you Canon for the "Sports Mode."


Anonymous said...

Too funny, I do the same things at the zoo, but I still love capturing the zoo animals as of my favorite places to visit as well! Next time you two head through Omaha, plan enough time to visit our zoo, I would love to show it off...we have one of the best in the nation!

~Val said...

I didn't see this photo in your stash. Nice one!