Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blue Jays

4th in my series of  birds with a crest, is the ever present Blue Jay.  The Blue Jays' songs (such as it is - more like a squawking) are heard from quite a distance. They rival Crows with their racket - the noisy neighbors in the hood - always arguing about something.  But  the Blue Jay's beautiful feathers like fine mosaic tile is always pleasing to behold. Attracting Blue Jays was one of my main goals for putting up an open feeder in the backyard, and sure enough within a month Blue jays were frequenting the feeder. Below top, a pair of Jays having breakfast (11-21-09), and below bottom I captured this Blue Jay just before he flew off  (1-31-10)

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Anonymous said...

I am so jealous..I have been trying to get blue jays to my feeder forever...I have cardinals, purple and yellow finches and tons of mourning doves, but no blue jays! These are such clear and detailed images, just beautiful!