Monday, March 25, 2013

Horned Lark

A Horned Lark in the light of a setting sun, near Cherry Valley, IL; 2/25/2012.
Horned Larks (Above) are common year round residents of Northern Illinois; but it seems that they are more easily located in the winter months. They like to forage for food out in vast sparsely vegetated areas such as plowed fields and on the edges of airport runways. Because of this, they are often not visible as they are far out from our immediate viewing pleasure. However in winter months when their feeding grounds are under a blanket of snow, they look for food along road edges that have been plowed free of snow.  This makes them more visible. That's where I saw a flock a year ago, while driving the rural farm roads outside of Cherry Valley, IL (Below).
With their usual feeding grounds covered under snow, Horned Larks, forage for their dinner at the side of a road that is snow-free, Cherry Valley, IL; 2/25/2012.
Horned Larks can be found throughout the country from coast to coast from Mexico to Canada.
The same Horned Lark near Cherry Valley, IL; 2/25/2012.
The Horned Lark (Above) was in the middle of the road as I drove by, hopped to the side of the road and stayed in clear view as I slowly inched my way past him and allowed me to snap a few pics.

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