Friday, March 8, 2013

Green Herons: More Florida Wading Birds

Green Heron, Everglades Nat. park, FL; 12/28/2012.
I saw a some beautiful Green Herons (Above and Below) in the Everglades last December. I saw a pair on December 28 and another on the 29th. At 18", hey are the smallest of the North American Herons.
Another Green Heron, Everglades Nat. Park, FL; 12/28/2012.

Yet another Green Heron, Everglades Nat. Park, FL; 12/29/2012.
I find that Green Herons (sometimes called Green-backed Herons) are fairly easy to photograph. They don't scare away easily and they stand very still while hunting their prey. I always see them solitary and except for a few times when they are roosting high in a tree, I usually see them at the edge of ponds and lakes crouching intently waiting for an unsuspecting fish or frog to become their next meal.

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