Friday, May 11, 2012

Mexican Jays

Mexican Jay, Cave Creek Canyon, AZ, 4/11/2012.
During my Spring Break this year, I was able to do some hiking and birding in the Chiricahua Mts. National Monument. While hiking on the Cave Creek Canyon I added the Mexican Jay (Above) to my Life List. There was a small party of these raucous Jays flying up and down from the evergreens to the rocky creek feeding on dropped acorns and checking out the picnic tables in this day-use area.

One of the small band of Mexican Jays looking for an opportunistic meal, Cave Creek Canyon, AZ, 4/11/2012.
Mexican Jays are common within a small area of the U.S. - Southeastern Arizona and Southwestern New Mexico, as well as in the Big Bend Area of Texas.  I probably observed at least three different small bands of these Jays during my hike along the Cave Creek. They are very similar to the Western Scrub Jay but Mexicans have more blue on there face (Scrub Jays have a gray cheek).

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