Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sanderlings - New Wave Chasers

A small grain of Sanderlings were the object of our amusement as they chased waves in and out of the beach at Sandy Point, Plum Island, Massachusetts; 11/11/2011.
As promised, today I have some fun pics of a flock of Sanderlings being the ultimate wave chasers. They would scurry out as far as the surf's edge would take them. Then as a newly formed wave merged toward the shore, the Sanderlings would hustle back away from the wave. As soon as the wave receded, they would quickly feed on the invertebrate prey that the waves deposited in the sand, and then wait for the next wave. This action was repeated for hours.

Sanderlings - running into the surf getting in position for the incoming wave, Sandy Point, Plum Island, MA; 11/11/2011.
Sanderlings - running away from the incoming wave,  Sandy Point, Plum Island, MA; 11/11/2011.
Sanderlings - quickly feeding on the morsals left behind by the receding wave, Sandy Point, Plum Island, MA; 11/11/2011.

....And repeat ....
Running in ... waiting for the next wave ...

...running out ...
...and quckly feeding...
This would go on for hours and the Sanderlings, busy at their feeding frenzy, soon became very accustomed to me being there, and let me get quite close. In the photo (Below two pics), I hardly needed to either zoom in with my Sigma 500mm lens, nor had to crop the photo later in photoshop.

Sanderlings, hurdling the wave's edge, waiting for their meal to be deposited at their feet,  Sandy Point, Plum Island, MA; 11/11/2011.

Another pic that needed no zooming in or cropping, sanderlings, Sandy point, Plum Island, MA; 11/11/2011.

Some wilder wave action off the Atlantic Coast, Plum Island, MA; 11/11/2011.

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~Val said...

Loved those little birds. That bottom wave photo is awesome! :-)