Sunday, December 4, 2011

Great Blue Heron Fest at Rock Cut

A Great Blue Heron stalking for a meal, Rock Cut State Park, Rockford, IL; 10/10/2011.
A few weeks ago while hiking aroung Pierce lake in Rock Cut State Park, I counted no less than a dozen Great Blue Herons (one Above) still hanging around our part of the woods.

A pink sunset reflecting off of Pierce lake, Rock Cut State Park, Rockford, IL; 10/10/2011...
It was late in the day, so the light was drifting away and for a brief moment, the sun was setting on the western edge of the Lake (Above) while the moon was rising on the eastern edge of the Lake (Below).

... at the same time a full moon was already rising in the East.

Below are a series of Great Blue Heron pics of the day:

Another Great Blue roosting high in a tree.
As I was focussing on this Great Blue, a kayaker came by and set it to flight...
The same Great Blue making its way to another resting spot.
Yet, another Great Blue at Rock Cut SP; Riockford, IL; 10/10/2011.
Although, not a Heron, this Turkey Vulture wasn't far away from the Great Blue in the photo above this one.
Although, the late in the day hike didn't produce a high variety of birds, nor lend itself to good photography light, it still was a good day to see so many Great Blue Herons out on the prowl. Plus a nice sunset and moonrise to boot.

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~Val said...

Really nice, crisp BIF shots. I like the different curl in its wings in the two photos.