Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rock Wren

A Rock Wren, Petrified Wood State Park, Utah; 6/11/2009
While hiking in Escalante country, where I was doing some canyoneering, I kept hearing a series of ringing buzzes fo quite some time before I finally spotted what was making the sound. It was a Rock Wren which landed briefly on a rock (of course) next to me on the trail. Rock Wrens (Above) are another Desert Wren, but not as common as yesterday's post of the Cactus Wren. This wren is found more in the higher altitudes and in the mountains, often on the rocky talus slopes. It is also one of the larger Wrens at 6" in length and its buzzy sound is known to carry over a great distance.  Rock Wrens aren't as colorful as the Cactus Wren and is more in tone with its smaller cousins - House and winter Wrens - with their drab grayish brown bodies, but like all wrens also sports a long bill.

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