Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cinnamon Teal at North Pond, Chicago

This male Cinnamon Teal has been hanging around North Pond,
Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL; 3/30/11.
Since early spring a Cinnamon Teal has been spotted at North Pond in Lincoln Park, Chicago. This is quite rare, since it is a western bird, and is well out of its typical migratory range of the southern plains states (Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska) and its summer territories of the Rockies and and west to the Pacific Coast. It does spend its winters in Mexico and Central America, so speculation is that it lost its way during a storm. As you can see (Above) it is a beautiful bird - the male with its dark reddish head, breast, and flanks, contrasted with dark brown and light brown wings and tail and large bill for its overall size. If you would see it in flight, it would have pale blue coverts (on the wings). The Teal seems somewhat confused about where he is and perhaps who he is, as he has been witnessed chasing after a female Mallard, which is quite comical as the Mallard is quite a bit larger (23" long) than the Teal (16" long).
Another view of the Cinnamon Teal, North Pond, Lincoln Park, Chicago; 3/30/11.
In the photo (Above) you can see the blue color on its coverts. Even with the tail in a shadow, I liked this picture because The Cinnamon Teal's bright red eyes are glowing in the sunlight.


~Val said...

I'm still amazed that you heard about a SINGLE DUCK in a pond 80 miles from home, and 3 days later we jumped in the car, drove, and FOUND THE EXACT DUCK!! He's gorgeous; glad we got a chance to see (and photograph) him!!

Chesney said...

Another one I have not seen in my's amazing the different birds in the different parts of the midwest...he is a beauty!