Monday, April 4, 2011

American Goldfinch

Ice forms on the foliage during a January ice storm in Rockford, IL; 1/17/10.

Goldfinches in their winter plumage at the backyard feeder, Rockford, IL; 1/5/11

An American Goldfinch with an unusual white patch on its crown
foraging on the ground in our back yard, Rockford, IL; 11/21/10 
American Goldfinches are an everpresent bird in both our backyards and parks and forest preserves year round. And if you watch closely you can witness their transformation from their drab winter plumage (Two pics Above) to their brilliant breeding plumage (Two pics Below).

A male American Goldfinch in the midst of growing its breeding plumage, Rockford, IL; 3/20/10

An American Goldfinch in its full golden regalia, Horicon Marsh Wildlife Preserve, WI; 5/29/10.
American Goldfinches are common and widespread from coast to coast year round through the central belt of the U.S. In summers they will spread up into Canada. and in the winter they will spread into the southern third of the U.S.

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Chesney said...

One of my favorites...although I don't get too many to my feeder. Gorgeous!