Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tropical Kingbird

A Tropical Kingbird posing nicely for me, Cancun, Mx; 12/25/10.

On Christmas morning I was sitting out on the deck (4th floor) of our room in Cancun, when I saw a Tropical Kingbird land on the tip of a palm tree right next to our deck only a few yards away. I hoped it would stay long enough for me to get my camera and get a decent shot. It obliged. Tropical Kingbirds are found throughout southern Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula as well as Central America and much of South America.  In the summers it may get into the U.S. only at the extreme southern borders of Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. These birds have a pale olive/gray head and back with a slightly darker eye line. Its wings and tail feathers are darker and set off with a white throat and yellow breast and belly.

Also on Christmas morning as I was hunting  birds while waiting for the shuttle to take us to the airport, I found this iguana watching me from bnehind a rock (Below).

Iguana of the day, Cancun, Mx; 12/25/10.


~Val said...

This is a perfect shot of a gorgeous bird. Also, each time I see your "iguana of the day", I smile at the term. :-)

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Jon!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. So glad Val shared the link.

Anonymous said...

I am glad Val provided us with a link to your blog. Really like looking at your photos!