Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ruddy Ground Dove & Mourning Dove

A Ruddy Ground Dove foraging on the grass in Cancun, Mx; 12/19/10.
While walking along the sidewalk, I noticed some movement in the grass next to me, and there was what at first I thought was a Mourning Dove, which we all know is common throughout the U.S. But this dove was only half the size of a Mourning Dove, so I thought that it was different enough to take a photo. Sure enough, upon research I identified it as a Ruddy Ground Dove (Above). The Ruddy Ground Dove has the same reddish coloring as our Mourning Dove, but the tones are a deeper red, and its head is a pale blueish/ grayish color.While the Mourning Dove has the same general brownish/grayish coloring throughout from head to tail. Both doves will sport the black spotting on their wings. The Ruddy Ground's head will not have this black spotting as the Mourning Dove will. This little dove will only grow to about 6"-6 3/4" long as compared to the Mourning Dove (Below) that will reach a foot long.

Ruddy Ground Doves reside mostly in Mexico, Central America, and most of South America to northern Chile and Argentina. It very rarely will be seen in the U.S. There have been a few sightings in southernmost Texas.
A Mourning Dove at our backyard feeder, Rockford, IL; 4/2/10.

Iguana of the day, Cancun; 12/25/10.


Anonymous said...

I love doves, they are just so friendly! I have never really noticed the doves sticking around here for the winter, but this year I have had quite a few at the feeder!

Anonymous said...

I've been away from Illinois for 40 years and either there is a new mourning dove present or they now have new vocalizations which I donot remember as a youth. Please advise

jon said...

Depending on where you live in Illinois could mean you might be hearing a dove other than a Mourning Dove. In the North, Mourning and Rock (Pigeons)Doves are pretty much the only doves up here. There has been rare sightings of the Common Ground or White-winged Dove. But if you live in the Southern half of IL, you could also be hearing a Eurasian Collared Dove. Jon