Saturday, October 16, 2010

Grey Heron

While exploring Regents Park near Buckingham Palace in London, we saw lots of water fowl in the many ponds, mostly of the duck and goose persuasion. However, to my surprise, I saw what I thought for sure was a Great Blue Heron sitting near a bridge. Having enough photos of a Great Blue, I almost didn't take the photo, but because I was surprised to see one in such a heavily populated area, I took the photo (below).
Grey Heron, Regents Park, London, UK; 4-10-10.
Upon further research, unless I'm mistaken (and I'm certainly no expert), it seems that Great Blue Herons are very rarely if ever found across the great Atlantic Pond.  However, the Grey Heron which looks very much like the Great Blue, but with less of the reddish/brownish hues in the neck, is not found in North America, but is fairly common in Europe and the British Isles. My conclusion? It's a Grey Heron. Yeah!

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~Val said...

Nice to catch a "new" bird!