Friday, October 15, 2010

European and American Robins

American Robin, Bauman Park, Rockford, IL; 5/16/09

Young American Robin, Rockford, IL; 6/15/07

The next few weekends I'll highlight a few birds that Val and I saw in London, England, while visiting there last Spring of 2010, with a group of high school Theatre students from Guilford High School in Rockford.

While most of my photos of Great Britain mostly dealt with Historical Places and Architecture, I did manage to get a few pics of birds - some that we find in North America and some that are unique to England and Europe. I'll start with the European version of the Robin. We of course have the ubiquitous American Robin (Above) that can be found almost anywhere from the center of major cities to the deep woods and mountains, from Alaska (summers only) to the tip of Florida (winters only).  The European Robin is much smaller and has less red on its breast, but is very pretty (below).

European Robin, Regents park, London, UK; 4/10/10.

European Robin, Regents Park, London, UK; 4/10/10

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~Val said...

Love those Euro-Robins! They look more delicate than our robins.