Monday, August 23, 2010

Savannah Sparrow (#7)

Savannah Sparrow enjoying a meal of a worm in a weedy marshy area of Rock Mountain National Park in Colorado; 7-8-10.

Another Sparrow which is common around Northern Illinois is the Savannah Sparrow, although, I’ll readily admit, I am not sure if I have ever seen one around here, I could very well have seen one, but probably mistook it as a Song Sparrow. However, I do know that I saw a lot of them while camping and hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado this summer. The reason I knew that they were Savannah’s is because I read a sign describing them and their habitat while I was actually in their habitat – a grassy, weedy, marshy area. The streaks on their breasts (Above, 7-8-10, RMNP) are a bit finer than the Song Sparrows’ thicker streaks. Also Savannahs aren’t as reddish on the crown as Songs and their lores (the area between the corner of the upper bill and the eyebrow) are bit yellowish and contrast with the rest of their white eyebrow (Below, 7-8-10, RMNP). Also the eye-line behind the eye of the Savannahs aren’t as thick as the Songs'. And then there are their songs. The Song Sparrow’s song is more melodic, while the Savannah’s have a more buzz-like sound to it.

Savannah Sparrow in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado; 7-8-10.

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Anonymous said...

That's one sparrow we don't see in our area...I am enjoying your sparrow series...definitely seeing some sparrows I have never seen!