Sunday, August 29, 2010


A Dickcissel singing away at the Rowe Wildlife Sanctuary, Nebraska; 7-11-10.
I have always heard and read that Dickcissels live here in Northern Illinois, but despite all my attempts to locate one, I never encountered one until one day on a bike ride I finally heard one in the tall grass along Blood Pt. Rd (yes that's a name of a road - and I have bled there). I didn't see it, but I definitely recognized its distinctive song.  Now I am not so sure I would have even recognized its song if I didn't see and hear plenty of them (Above) this summer at the Rowe Wildlife Sanctuary (An awesome birding venue) in Nebraska, while passing through on our way back to Illinois from our Colorado trip. Dickcissels come in two types - one a drab brownish bird that can be confused with a sparrows, but the other type has a very colorful yellow and black pattern on its face, throat, and breast as well as reddish wing markings (Below, 7-11-10)

The Dickcissel's colorful yellow, black and reddish markings make it a fine capture for a photograph.


Anonymous said...

You know, I live in Nebraska and have never been just convinced me I need to take a drive! :) I have never seen one of these guys either, you are right, they are very photographic!

~Val said...

I may have already said this, but I love how you catch the birds singing. Way cool!!