Saturday, November 17, 2012

Gray Jay, Mt. Baker Wilderness


A Gray Jay begging for handouts at Picture Lake, Mt. Baker Wilderness, WA; 8/7/2012.
Of the many times I have seen Gray Jays since I've joined the birding ranks, I have never gotten a decent picture of one until finally this summer, while I was exploring in and around the beautiful Mt. Baker Wilderness in Washington State. As visible as Gray Jays are, I found it astonishing that I had no clear pictures of one - just blurry, and half hidden images. It seems that they are always visible and in good photo op positions when I don't have a camera ready. And when I do have a camera ready to take a picture, they are out of sight.

Mt. Shuskan reflected in Picture Lake, Mt. Baker Wilderness, WA; 8/7/2012.
While driving up to the end of the road leading into the Mt. Baker Wilderness, Val and I were drawn to Picture Lake which had a fantastic view of Mt. Shuskan reflected in its surface (Above).  When we reached Picture Lake and there was another party of people enjoying the view with a couple of Gray Jays squawking and begging for handouts only within a few feet of them in the open.  "Great," I thought - finally a chance to get a Gray Jay in my photo album. It only took me a minute to reach the lookout where the people and Jays were. I made sure I had my camera ready, but by the time I arrived, the people were already further down the trail and the Gray Jays disappeared. I hung around for a while and one appeared briefly - long enough to get the picture (Top of page), but that was it. It didn't give me any more looks, although they were clearly around - but hidden in the spruces that surrounded the lake. What is it about me and Gray Jays? All I want is a picture. No other Jays are this difficult for me.

Bagley Lakes, Mt. Baker Wilderness, WA; 8/7/2012.
Another beautiful view of the scenery in the Mt. Baker Wilderness.

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