Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lincoln Sparrows at Lutsen Ski Resort, MN

Lots of Lincoln Sparrows were hanging around the wet grassy slopes of the Lutsen Ski Resort, Mn; 8/10/2011.
In early August, we spent three days at the Lutsen Ski Resort. We used it as our base to go on day trips in the area. One late afternoon, after spending the day hiking in the Boundary Waters and then exploring the Grand Marais Marina, I explored the ski slopes at Lutsen. There was some bird activity, mostly sparrows, especially Lincoln Sparrows (Above) who were hanging around the wet grassy slopes. There also seemed to be a fair number of White-throated Sparrows, Song Sparrows, and Chipping Sparrows. I was hoping to see my first Clay-colored Sparrow, but none that I could identify. Other birds that graced the grounds of the ski slopes were American Crows, Blue Jays, Downey Woodpeckers, Nuthatches, and Cowbirds.

A creek in the Lutsen Ski Resort grounds, MN; 8/10/2011.
I hiked down a steep slope and bushwhacked through some thick brush in a heavily forested valley and came upon a very pretty stream (Above) cutting through the trees - but no birds. By the time I hiked back up the hill to the resort, the moon was up and I decided to try to use my new 1.4 extender with my 500mm Sigma lens to see if I could get a good shot of the almost full moon. I couldn't remember the correct settings to get a crisp moonshot that detailed its terrain, so I experimented until I came up with the capture (Below).

Moonrise of the Day
An almost full-moon rising above the Lutsen Ski slopes in Minnesota; 8/10/2011.
A couple of days later, Val used my same extender and lens to shoot a full moon, which she posted on her photo blog. Link below...

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