Friday, March 18, 2011

Cancun, Mexico

Turtles looking for a place to soak up some sun, Cancun, MX; 12/25/10.
It's time to say goodbye to my photo series about birding in Mexico. I'll part with a few final pics.

A member of the Mexican Air Forse, the Brown Pelican, resting on the shores of a Cancun beach, MX; 12/19/10.

This is either an Altamira Oriole or an Orange Oriole; I never got it positively ID'd, Cancun, MX; 12/25/10.
Magnificent Frigatebirds perched on what else? a frigate, Cancun, MX; 12/19/10.
A Cancun Marina at night, MX; 12/24/10.
A crocodile looking for a handout, Cancun, MX; 12/23/10.
A Cancun sunset. I like how the light plays off the pylons, MX; 12/24/10.
A Northern Watrethrush, Puerto Morelos, MX; 12/24/10.
A Great Blue Heron, Cancun, MX; 12/21/10.
I love how the shadows of the tree give this Yellow Warbler texture, Cancun, MX; 12/25/10.

A pier leading out to the blue waters of cancun, MX; 12/19/10.
Tomorrow, I'll will start a feature of birds spending their winters in and around Rockford and Northern IL.

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Chesney said...

You have totally convinced me I need to go to Cancun....gorgeous images!