Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rosy-billed Pochard

Rosybill Pochard, Regents Park, London, UK; 4/10/10
Another duck of the Pochard family is the Rosybill (Above), that we saw in one of the many ponds at Regents Park in London. The male gender of this diving duck has a very distictive bill that curls up like a shield between its eyes, although it is described more as a fleshy knob. The female is more of a drab brown all over and does not sport the bright red bill. Its bill is grayish and without the "fleshy knob." Though classified as a diving duck, this pochard feeds more like a dabbling duck. Rosybills are native to Southern Brazil south into Argentina and Chile. They breed well in captivity and are on exhibit in many zoos around the world. The one we saw at Regents Park is more than likely a permanent resident there and probably not wild.


~Val said...

I wonder why so many ducks have red eyes. This one's eyes match his beak.

Hannah said...

It looks like it has the same bill as the Common Shelduck. I like how the top of the head looks kind of purplish.